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Moshun by Calango

Moshun by Calengo

Calango gives us Moshun. What exactly is an animated font? I don’t know, but I like it. Hypnotizing video below. (more…)

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Sophisticated use of color and transcendent textures shimmer and vibrate with a soft, peaceful glow in this very short animated film from Les Goeblins. Watch below. (more…)

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Accumulonimbus is a short film created by stop motion animating clay on glass. According to director Andy Kennedy, the film is a “meditation on motion and the life cycle of matter.” In it, natural and man-made objects on a spin cycle accumulate, disintegrate, and multiply. Full video after the jump.

Be sure to check out the rubber molds, flash guides, raw footage and diy ceiling camera rig in the behind the scenes material. (more…)

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Gregor by Petra Zlonoga

Gregor by Petra Zlonoga

Art student Petra Zlonoga’s first hand-drawn animated film, made at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. A very cute way to begin your Sunday. Watch below. (more…)

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“Strange Enough” Video by N.A.S.A. w/ Karen O & ODB

"Strange Enough" Video by N.A.S.A. w/ Karen O & ODB

This is one spectacular new animated video for “Strange Enough” by N.A.S.A. ( thats ”North America South America”) featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang’s last recorded lyrics along side Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The animation is all based on the artwork of Stephan Doitschinoff.

Below you can check out the video, plus a bonus video showing the storyboarding side by side with the final product. (more…)

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Gunsho – Andrew W.K. “I Want To See You Go Wild”

Gunsho - Andrew W.K. "I Want To See You Go Wild"

Despite what you might think of Andrew W.K., this new music video is hilarious and features fantastic animated artwork by Gunsho. One of the most interesting choices in this insane video is the use of very loud sound effects that at times drown out the actual music this video is for. Wacky and over the top animations merged with horrible greenscreen footage of A.W.K. doing what he does best, Buffoonery. Make sure to watch in full screen at 1080p and you’ll be exhausted by the end. Writ­ten, di­rect­ed, and pro­duced by Pe­ter Glantz, Art by Gun­sho, An­i­mat­ed by Thomas Mc­Connell. Video Below. (more…)

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Patrick Boivin “AT-AT Day Afternoon”

Patrick Boivin "AT-AT Day Afternoon"

Lo & Behold!  Will, a boy bored to tears by Star Wars happens upon and falls for the charm of a stop-motion short featuring All Terrain Armored Transport.  Boivin also gives a peek inside the making of the film. Nice pink screen! Videos below. (more…)

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“Chadam” by Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee

Artist Alex Pardee has created an entirely unique animated mini series for The WB. You can watch the entire series thus far here.

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RSA Animate

Illustrator Andrew Park creates brilliantly illustrated companions to audio clips from RSA Lectures (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts). Making potentially stuffy topics really fun and takes them to another level. Check The RSA’s YouTube Channel for more videos.
Another video after break.


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Andersen M Studio: Stop-Motion Book Trailers

Several months ago thew New Zealand Book Council showed off a fantastic stop-animation short designed for a work of Going West, a work of fiction by Maurice Gee. Andersen M Studio was hired to do the work.

The same studio just finished a new piece for Kate Mortons new Novel The Distant Hours.  It too is a stop-animation short of very detailed paper cut outs.

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