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Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper is a company out of New Orleans, LA that creates beautiful hand-pulled silkscreened wallpaper. Check out their website for examples of their products and their custom designs for a variety of clients.

Category: Graphic Design, Home Decor, Silkscreen 1 Comment »
Journalism in the Age of Data

Journalism in the Age of Data

An increasingly important way of disseminating complex information, data visualization is of interest to everyone interested in visual culture. It is also important for those who absorb visual culture to give careful consideration to data visualization. Film below (54 minutes) (more…)

Category: Film, Graphic Design, Illustration 2 Comments »
Mark Weaver “North American Wildlife Series”

Mark Weaver is a brilliant illustrator / graphic designer who has just released 3 new silkscreen prints. The “North American Wildlife Series” consists of three 18″x18″, 5 color silkscreen prints in editions of 100 which are also letterpressed, signed, numbered, and stamped.

You can buy each individually for $60 ea. or the set of three for a $30 discount. Above you can see the Elk and American Bison prints. Check below the break to see the Bighorn Sheep print and a closeup of the letterpressed title on each print. (more…)

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New Gigposters from Methane Studios

Methane Studios

Methane Studios creates some of the most handsome gigposters around and their latest batch is no exception. Most of the prints run around 3 colors and $20-25 although there are some exceptions. All prints are signed and numbered. Visit Methane Studios to see what is available. More below. (more…)

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Images from Flatstock 26

Flatstock 26

Flatstock 26 just happened in Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival, and in case you couldn’t make it, there is a great gallery of photos from the event here. Flatstock is an art show show consisting of *mostly* poster artists from around the globe that is held at various music festivals. More information at the official flatstock website.

Category: Art Prints, Events, Galleries, Gigposters, Graphic Design, Illustration No Comments »
Olly Moss

Olly Moss

Olly Moss
is a designer / illustrator who has been popping up all over the interwebs lately. His clean graphic style is accompanied by a sense of whimsy and refinement to the necessities. Moss has created some of the popular sold out Lost silkscreens that were available at DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com. He has also created several designs printed by Threadless and has worked for a number of other impressive clients. More examples of work below and at Olly’s website. (more…)

Category: Graphic Design, Illustration, Spotlight 1 Comment »
Brian Ewing “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Brian Ewing "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Brian Ewing is an illustrator who has been working regularly for the Vans Warped Tour and other great musical acts for some time now. His brand new book entitled “Don’t Hold Your Breath: Nothing New From Brian Ewing” is available now and features large full color reproductions of his best work for a variety of clients. You can check out more images from the layout below, and order the book from Amazon for a mere $15.63. For a hardcover, that is a steal! There is also a very cool flip book that lets you browse even more pages of the book. Most interesting about this book is the inclusion of thumbnail sketches for many of the finished designs included in the book as seen below. This sort of behind-the-scenes stuff is very inspiration to any visual artist! (more…)

Category: Books, Gigposters, Graphic Design, Illustration No Comments »
Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver is an illustrator and designer who has done some pretty impressive work. His latest cover for How To Destory Angels new (free – download here) ep caught my eye and prompted a google search to discover his portfolio. Especially cool is browsing through his Make Something Cool Every Day project, where Mark challenged himself to do exactly that.

Weaver has several screenprints available in his webstore, although some of my favorite offerings of his are currently sold out. You can also pick up some screenprinted postcards that just might be too cool to actually send.More images after break. (more…)

Category: Art Prints, Graphic Design, Illustration, Silkscreen, Spotlight No Comments »
Dave Quiggle

Dave Quiggle

Dave Quiggle is a name known for years amongst the straightedge hardcore scene. If you are familiar at all with Facedown Records you have seen their resident art director’s illustrations on countless album covers and t-shirt designs, most notably for his own bands xDisciplexAD, Jesus Wept, and No Innocent Victim. ┬áHis portfolio has evolved to encompass gorgeous┬ádigital compositions along with his traditional tattoo influenced style. Not surprisingly, he IS a tattoo artist but his busy schedule only allows him take appointments on a few specific weeks each year at Soul Expressions in Temecula, CA. Also especially sharp is his shirt line Black Rose District, featuring his work in shirt series based on the four horsemen, the ten commandments and the seven deadly sins.


Category: Apparel, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music, Painting, Spotlight, Tattoo Art No Comments »
Carry Your Own Sins Missy – Joe Black

Carry Your Own Sins Missy

Joe Black’s recent print, Carry Your Own Sins Missy, is a complicated piece of art. It is a giclee print with 2 color silk screen, and hand finished with oil paint and Karisma pencil detailing. It goes on sale on Thursday, June 10th, in an edition of 12.

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