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Kern Type

Kern Type - FlightPattern

Here’s a tricky little game where you can test your kerning skills to see how keen a typesetter you are. Simply drag the center letters of the displayed word to kern them properly. When you’re done the page will give you a score.

Kern Type

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New Directions New Colophon

New Directions New Colophon

Publisher New Directions has re-imagined their classic Colophon with superb results.  Illustrator Felix Sockwell was employed and gives  us a sickly brief of the work accomplished.  75 years of ND.  Fantastic.

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Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli

In the video below, Massimo Vignelli drops valuable knowledge on good design. After watching, make sure to read through his Vignelli Codex for some old school design principles and rules. (more…)

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AJ Fosik & Bill McRight – Count Back from Nothing

AJ Fosik & Bill McRight - Count Back From Nothing

Artists AJ Fosik and Bill McRight have a joint show at David B Smith Gallery, opening Friday, July 16th from 7-10 pm. “Count Back from Nothing” features some very interesting new works by Fosik, who I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. More images of the artists’ work at the show preview here and below. (more…)

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Kenn Twofour


Kenn Twofour wrote us about his newest release;
“Smaller versions of some pieces I made for a recent gallery show. The larger versions went over really well at the opening and I wanted to make a more affordable version with a bigger edition size. They are screenprinted, spray painted, stenciled and hand cut into layers.”
8×11 on 1/4 inch wood. Four layers.1/4 inch between each layer.Signed and numbered in an edition of 6. $100.00 each.
Full image and video after break.


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Aaron Horkey’s Retrospective Letterpress Series

 Aaron Horkey Retrospective Series: Suite 1

On June 18 Dead Arts Publishing is announcing the release of Aaron Horkey’s Retrospective Letterpress Series. This will be part 1 in a 6 part series, with the rest coming out soon. Series 1 will costs $260 and will be limited to the amount sold in a 4 hour window on Friday June 18th (10am-2pm PST)

While photos of the actual product remain scarce, you can imagine the quality of these images meets Horkey’s eye for detail. You can get an idea of the actual product by the photo above. Images included in the first installment of this series are: The Rook (newly created for Series 1), The Scavenger (Fantomas – seen above), Drifting Monument (Racebannon) and Goatmeal (Melvins). Each of these images are available for purchase seperately as well, except The Rook, info after the break.

Look forward to future information! Full Release statement and preview of Goatmeal after the break: (more…)

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Stella Im Hultberg – Shop opening

stella im hultberg

Stella Im Hultberg is opening her shop to the public, providing unbelievable art to all. Her Shop opens Friday afternoon, at 2PM EST. Offering limited edition pieces and open edition selections as well.
Update: Hultberg has updated her blog with information on the prints and shipping costs.
More images after break.


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Yoskay Yamamoto at LeBasse Projects

Ever so Gently
Ever so Gently

LeBasse Projects is presenting a selection of works from Yoskay Yamamoto. The exhibition, Familiar Strangers, is from June 12th to July 3rd, 2010, and contains many different and enthralling works. More information can be seen here.

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Carry Your Own Sins Missy – Joe Black

Carry Your Own Sins Missy

Joe Black’s recent print, Carry Your Own Sins Missy, is a complicated piece of art. It is a giclee print with 2 color silk screen, and hand finished with oil paint and Karisma pencil detailing. It goes on sale on Thursday, June 10th, in an edition of 12.

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The Welcoming Party – Greg Simkins

The Welcoming Party

Greg Simkins newest print, The Welcoming Party, is vibrant, full of life, and intricate details. The Welcoming Party is giclee print on paper at 24×18 inches, in an edition of 50. Simkins is having a solo exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery from June 5 – July 1 2010.
Full image after break.

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