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Wooden Apple Accessories

Wooden Apple Accessories

Is your macbook / ipod / ipad / iwhatever too cold and industrial? Warm it up with some natural wooden mac skins & cases. KARVT and GROVE offer real wood skins and covers that aren’t just a fancy sticker.

GROVE is unique in that their iphone cases are actually full body bamboo cases, hand finished and in a variety of styles. They also offer a more expensive but extremely limited version of their case made out of recycled skateboard decks!

Visit GROVE and KARVT. Lots of beautiful photos below. (more…)

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Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry on Amiga Computer 1985 (video)

Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry on an Amiga Computer - 1985

I stumbled upon this old video (below) of eccentric pop artist Andy Warhol ‘painting’ a digital portrait of Debbie Harry in 1985. This video is hilariously bad and fascinating to me, and I figured some of you might appreciate it too. I especially like how the computer guy host seems to be less than thrilled with the color fills Andy is using but Andy is more than fascinated by it and calls his digital manipulation ‘beautiful’ I suppose the concept of this moment is quite beautiful, although the results are laughable by today’s standards. It sure doesn’t hurt to have Debbie Harry circa 1985 as your muse. Witness the first crude steps of a technology that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. (more…)

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Crappy Cat App

Your favorite drunken feline is now available in episodic downloadable form in the Crappy Cat App for iPod/ iPhone. The app is free to download which gets you “Crap-ter 1: Hot Pursuit” at no charge, with future episodes costing only $0.99, including the currently available “Crap-ter 2: My Beer”. Each episode averages around 32 pages. Crappy Cat is the creation of Trevor Van Meter, a brilliant artist and co-founder of Jamungo. Check out the brightly colored screenshots below.

Update! Review after the break (more…)

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Ribcage for iPad

Ribcage for iPad

Own an iPad? Are you a metalhead? Or do you just like anatomy? If so, you need this RibCage iPad Cover from SwitchEasy Made of highly durable faux leather, this iPad sleeve is $35 and comes in black and white, both shades are incredible. More product shots after the break: (more…)

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Rock Show: Gig Posters on the iPad

Rock Show

Strawberryluna let us know about this new app for something called an ‘iPad’… apparently its a big iPod that was released today. If you’ve heard of it, you might want to check out the app called Rock Show. It’s a free download and it seems like a pretty great idea. The app allows you to browse and purchase gig posters by a growing selection of artists. Other poster artists might want to get in on this! In a semi-related note, there’s also this bit of awesomeness.

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