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Dean Young Reads and We Watch

Dean Young Reads and We Watch

Dean Young reading his poem “Your Super Bookstore Recommends” in an Austin, Texas warehouse during a lovely shower.  And what a visual treat.  Scott Gelber did animation altering a live filming of Dean Young reading at a green screen.  The animation is super sweet because its hand painted.   If you enjoy this, please donate to help Dean get his heart transplant.  This is one of our nations most vibrant poets and I’ve been told he’s one hell of a teacher. (more…)

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Jeff Soto “The Seeker” Set

Jeff Soto "The Seeker" Set

Jeff Soto’s “The Seeker” vinyl figure, sculpted and produced by Bigshot Toyworks, continues to gain momentum with the announcement of two new offers for collectors…the rare “Toxic Glow” variant and special Seeker Collector Sets for the ultimate Jeff Soto fans!

The “Toxic Glow” Seeker variant features a fully glow-in-the-dark body with black moose antlers and black star eyes, and is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. Only 50 pieces will be available for individual retail sale at $110 each, and only through www.bigshottoystore.com. Like all variants, the Toxic Glow Seeker is 11″ tall and 8.5″ wide and comes in a full-color window box with artwork by Jeff Soto.

For ultimate Jeff Soto collectors, Bigshot will also offer a special Seeker Collector Set! Limited to only 50 sets, each set includes:

– All 8 variants of The Seeker (Aether, Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Groove, Ghost, and Toxic)
– “Storm Clouds”, a 154-page collection of more than 250 images of original work by Jeff Soto with foreword by David Choe
– “The Seeker” limited edition offset lithograph print from Jonathan Levine Gallery (Paper size: 23.5′ x 36″ / Image size: 20.5″ x 33″)
– Uncut Seeker box, signed by Jeff Soto (suitable for framing)
– Original watercolor painting by Jeff Soto (5.5″ square, acrylic and watercolor on Arches Aquarelle Watercolor paper)

This Seeker Collector Set, valued at over $1400 USD, will be available to collectors for only $950 + shipping. Pre-orders will begin immediately at www.bigshottoystore.com and these sets will begin shipping to collectors in early January.

Check out the “Toxic Glow” in the dark version in action below: (more…)

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New Directions New Colophon

New Directions New Colophon

Publisher New Directions has re-imagined their classic Colophon with superb results.  Illustrator Felix Sockwell was employed and gives  us a sickly brief of the work accomplished.  75 years of ND.  Fantastic.

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Gigposters.com Coloring Book: Volume 3

Gigposters.com Coloring Book: Volume 3

The Gigposters.com Coloring Book: Volume 3 is now available to purchase in the Gigposters.com Store. Featuring 40 pages of deranged coloring fun from today’s top underground artists (including yours truly). Get yourself a copy for only $10.00 or less. The more you buy, the cheaper they are at gigposters.com. Makes a great gift. More exclusive photos of the book & artwork below! (more…)

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“Drawn From The Well” by Greg Simkins

"Drawn From The Well" by Greg Simkins

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins has a new book titled “Drawn From The Well” featuring 300 pages of drawings and sketches in a 9.5″x7.5″ hardcover. The price is only $30.00 and you can get it at IMSCARED. There is also a fancy bookmark available for only $3.00 more. More pics of the book & bookmark below. (more…)

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Review: Brian Ewing “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Review: Brian Ewing "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Brian Ewing is a poster artist who has been around for quite some time. His strong work ethic and unforgettable style have made him a cornerstone in the aesthetic of modern alternative music. His new book, “Don’t Hold Your Breath: Nothing New From Brian Ewing” features page after page of large, vibrant rock imagery with footnotes on process, and heaps of praise from his peers. Continue reading below to learn more about this great new release: (more…)

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The Ark of Rintala Eggertsson

The Ark of Rintala Eggertsson

Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertsson make up the Norweigan architectural firm Rinalta  Eggertsson.   A recent (and impressive) build is The Ark, featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the Architects Build Small Spaces exhibit.  With small private rooms inside the structure, the Ark is a free standing dream of refuge for readers.  It carries around 6 thousand volumes. View a short film about the structure below: (more…)

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Andrew Zuckerman – Music

Andrew Zuckerman - Music

Andrew Zuckerman is a documentarian, a photographer, who puts his subjects in front of a plain white background and allows you to focus on what makes them special. You may remember his Bird Book which featured incredible images of exotic birds from around the world. His latest work is  called “Music” which does the same for a very different subject. The trailer below shows many of the artists involved with the film, and the roster is quite impressive.

The 300 page book comes out October 1st and includes an access code to download the film at TheMusicBook.com . You can order it at Amazon for only $31.50 right now. (more…)

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Howl, The Movie

Howl, The Movie

Featuring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, Jeff Daniels, & Jon Hamm, Howl the movie is set to show in theaters September 24th.

I recommend you read Howl and listen to Allen Ginsberg himself read it, both of which can be done from The Academy of American Poets website. Disclaimer: the audio version may be inappropriate for work, as the piece includes some foul language.

Check out the trailer for the picture at the movie’s website.

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Mark Ryden’s Snow Yak Show book

Mark Ryden's Snow Yak Show book

Mark Ryden has just published an 11×14″ hardcover book presenting the paintings and drawings from his incredible Snow Yak Show. The exhibition, held in Tokyo last year, featured exquisite snow, fur, and ice-drenched paintings depicting a winter weirdland of yaks, Yetis, nudes, and, er, Abe Lincoln. Also available is a microportfolio of 17 postcards with images from the show.

More images from the book after the jump. (more…)

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