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Andrew Zuckerman – Music

Andrew Zuckerman - Music

Andrew Zuckerman is a documentarian, a photographer, who puts his subjects in front of a plain white background and allows you to focus on what makes them special. You may remember his Bird Book which featured incredible images of exotic birds from around the world. His latest work is  called “Music” which does the same for a very different subject. The trailer below shows many of the artists involved with the film, and the roster is quite impressive.

The 300 page book comes out October 1st and includes an access code to download the film at TheMusicBook.com . You can order it at Amazon for only $31.50 right now. (more…)

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WALLS “Hang Four”

WALLS "Hang Four"

Morphologic films a wonder-filled video for WALLS recent title track to album Hang Four.  The video features Sun Coral, Iridescent Ctenophores, Club Hydromedusa jellyfish, and Planktons.   Oh marine biology, could you please come down to earth? HD video below. (more…)

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Sophisticated use of color and transcendent textures shimmer and vibrate with a soft, peaceful glow in this very short animated film from Les Goeblins. Watch below. (more…)

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Howl, The Movie

Howl, The Movie

Featuring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, Jeff Daniels, & Jon Hamm, Howl the movie is set to show in theaters September 24th.

I recommend you read Howl and listen to Allen Ginsberg himself read it, both of which can be done from The Academy of American Poets website. Disclaimer: the audio version may be inappropriate for work, as the piece includes some foul language.

Check out the trailer for the picture at the movie’s website.

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Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland

Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland

A charming preview to the upcoming Röyksopp album, Senior.

From the creators:
“We had a vision, and in this vision we saw ourselves as a sleeping hobo and an old man respectively. The following is a vivid depiction of some of the events that occurred during an intended stay in Barbieland. And remember, It’s a true story….” (more…)

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Dancing Pigeons “Ritalin”

Dancing Pigeons "Ritalin"

This music video by the band Dancing Pigeons is simple and fascinating. Two hillbillies meet at night. One armed with a flamethrower, the other a fire extinguisher. Their battle is caught completely in slow motion. That’s all you need to know. Video below.

Directed by Tomas Mankovsky. (more…)

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Suckerpunch Trailer


Zack Snyder, the director of literal comic book translation movies 300, and Watchmen, is back with an original film entitled “Suckerpunch”. The movie definitely appears to be over the top and full of fantastic looking action sequences, with the same saturated, high-polish finish Snyder’s other films have had. Some may make comparisons to Jamie Hewlett‘s Tank Girl,, as well as the more recent movie Machine Girl, and rightfully so. Regardless, the movie looks like a good time and a visual feast.

It is rumored that Alex Pardee has been one of the artists tapped for character design in this film, which is exciting to hear. Pardee’s brand of twisted visuals should take this project to another level. Look for more info to be posted at the film’s website, and check out the trailer in high definition at Apple Trailers. We’ll be on the lookout for concept art by Pardee and others as more information on this film is released. Trailer embedded below. (more…)

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Gunsho – Andrew W.K. “I Want To See You Go Wild”

Gunsho - Andrew W.K. "I Want To See You Go Wild"

Despite what you might think of Andrew W.K., this new music video is hilarious and features fantastic animated artwork by Gunsho. One of the most interesting choices in this insane video is the use of very loud sound effects that at times drown out the actual music this video is for. Wacky and over the top animations merged with horrible greenscreen footage of A.W.K. doing what he does best, Buffoonery. Make sure to watch in full screen at 1080p and you’ll be exhausted by the end. Writ­ten, di­rect­ed, and pro­duced by Pe­ter Glantz, Art by Gun­sho, An­i­mat­ed by Thomas Mc­Connell. Video Below. (more…)

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Patrick Boivin “AT-AT Day Afternoon”

Patrick Boivin "AT-AT Day Afternoon"

Lo & Behold!  Will, a boy bored to tears by Star Wars happens upon and falls for the charm of a stop-motion short featuring All Terrain Armored Transport.  Boivin also gives a peek inside the making of the film. Nice pink screen! Videos below. (more…)

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Lives of the Artists

Lives of the Artists

Lives of the Artists is a full length documentary about passion. It weaves three distinct stories following Xavier de Le Rue to helicopter dropped snowboarding in Greenland, three Irish surfers to legendary Teahupoo in Tahiti, and the no-nonsense hardcore punk band Gallows. Check out the trailer below (lol @ 2:42 that you’ll probably re-watch 5 times like me) or watch the full 79 minutes at Relentless.


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