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Jonathan Bergeron, Chris Ryniak “Misfortunate Travelers”

Jonathan Bergeron, Chris Ryniak "Misfortunate Travelers"

Artists Jonathan “Johnny Crap” Bergeron and Chris Ryniak have teamed up with Big Shot Toyworks to produce this incredible statue entitled “Misfortunate Travelers“. Standing just over 7” tall and made from solid resin, the statue features a skull base created by Bergeron, with a small creature resting on top created by Ryniak, and exists as a small edition of only 100.

The piece was created to commemorate the “Gardens of Misfortune” two man show. Work produced for the show can be seen here.

If you’re interested in attaining this gem, the price is $95.00 and can be purchased right now at Bigshot Toyworks.  Larger images below. (more…)

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Coarse at Rotofugi Gallery


I was browsing the colorful designer vinyl toys in Rotofugi this week and couldn’t help but notice a poster for their next gallery show by the art collective Coarse. I have never heard of Coarse until now, but their style is intriguing. Combining an interest in designer vinyl, photography, and photo manipulation, along with more traditional digital illustration, Coarse artists Mark Landwehr, Sven Waschk and Chrissi Jülich create work that is very fresh and should make for an interesting show. The exhibit opens tonight, Friday July 16, 2010 from 7-10pm at Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, and runs through August 8th. More images below. (more…)

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Willy Verginer

Willy Verginer

Willy Verginer is a sculptor from northern Italy who creates some very mystifying works. Born in 1957, Verginer has been working for decades and is still very active, creating some of his best work in the past year, which has focused on simulated fabrics and ornamental patterns. In the past he has done work with cut-off sculptures that appear to be rising out of the ground (see below). His website is full of fantastic images of his sculptures and his body of work is very inspirational to any visual artist. Many more images after the break (more…)

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The Vader Project

The Vader Project

This is too cool for words. The Vader Project, as many of you might imagine, is a collection of 100 customized Darth Vader helmets.

All 100 Helmets will be auctioned at noon on July 10th at Freeman’s Auctioneers. The great part is, all of the helmets are available to view in nice quality on the auctioneer’s website. Many impressive artists partook in this event including Brian Morris (seen above), Dalek, Vanbeater, Tim Biskup, Kozik, Ferg, Mike Giant, and many more. Read the entire list here.

One of the helmets that stands out among the pack is Plasticgod’s “Praise The Lord” which is completely blinged out in silver and gold and covered in spikes, Shredder style. (see below) (more…)

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Playge Stainless Sqube


This relic is the 1″ Stainless Steel Sqube by Playge. It is made to order for a limited time, so the ‘edition size’ is unknown but possibly quite small. The cost is $85 shipped to USA and it drops today, May 25th at 12 Noon Central Time. Also, according to the Playge Owner / Operator / Wizard FERG, all orders by members of the Collect And Destroy forums will receive a signed and numbered mini print with your purchase.

While you’re there, check out the sweet Playge T-Shirt designed by everyone’s favorite, Aaron Horkey. Image after the break. (more…)

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Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi
A Tribute to the Madness of Beethoven – Mixed Media Assemblage – 35.5″ x 36″ – 2009

Kris Kuksi creates mind-blowing sculptures. His complex, shrine-like pieces are unlike anything I’ve ever seen and mystify me each time I view them. Judging by the artist’s website, he has lately been focusing on sculpture, but in his portfolio you can see that Kuksi is an extremely gifted painter and draftsman.

You can see more images after the break but a real treat is visiting the website and seeing the large images on display there. You can also pre-order a book of Kuksi’s work enttiled “Divination and Delusion” due out September 2010.


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Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire has some really stunning works made mostly of feathers. Words can’t really describe the mood she is able to capture, partially due to the fantastic installation sites. MccGwire uses her materials to create these seemingly alive, brooding, constricting shapes encased in glass, and floods of feathers that pour out of holes in the wall. Many other explorations of the medium are at her website, full of breathtaking work. As usual, more after the break.


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Kate MacDowell – Porcelain Sculpture

Kate MacDowell is a talented sculptor working in porcelain. According to her artist statement she often starts with a solid block of porcelain and works by extraction, hollowing and removing material to create her beautiful and delicate designs. More of her work can be seen after the break and her entire portfolio is available at http://www.katemacdowell.com


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