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Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume 1

To browse the book using the flash app above, click the arrows to either side to flip pages, click the book to go fullscreen.

Behold Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume 1, the physical documentation of Flatstock, the gigposter show that is held worldwide at various music festivals. Volume One represents Flatstock 1-20 with introductions and various articles written by artists represented in the book. Rock Paper Show is a 312 page hardcover book featuring 566 color images of poster designs by some of the greatest artists working today. You can currently PREORDER the book in the standard hardcover version, or the deluxe version which comes with a BUNCH of extra goodies to justify the price. The site claims preorders will be shipping early May, which is right around now.

You can get a lot more information about this release at the Rock Paper Show’s official website.

Thanks to Strawberryluna for submitting this to us! More about the book after the break

Rock Paper Show

The Deluxe Version
of Rock Paper Show includes a screenprinted collector’s case, and a portfolio of 20 11″x17″ silkscreened prints of reproduced Flatstock posters. The deluxe edition is limited to 500 sets.

From the creators:
About the book:
Rock Paper Show documents the first decade of the twenty-first century as the high-water mark in the storied intersection of graphic design and music. Against the backdrop of the digital- music revolution, the rock poster reemerged during this period as the calling card of impossibly talented new artists and design studios brought up on Black Flag, Joy Division, the Flaming Lips, and the Melvins. Simultaneously, the posters that these studios produced were celebrated by a rapidly growing nation of indie-rock fans who all woke up one day craving beautiful new music-related objects in their lives. The excitement—matched equally in the design and music worlds—was captured by and celebrated via the birth and rapid rise of Flatstock, the American Poster Institute’s ongoing rock-poster exhibition.

Since its inception in 2002, Flatstock has evolved into the definitive showcase of the most talented poster artists working today. Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One is an editorial and visual history of the first 20 Flatstocks, with contributions from the artists and studios that regularly attend the events and the bands who are often the subjects of the posters, as well as critics and collectors involved in this community. Rock Paper Show collects for the first time the original posters created for each Flatstock by the attending studios. Veteran poster-makers take the reader on behind-the-scenes looks at the studios, the artists, the regional scenes, and the personalities of this vibrant and varied community.

Curated by Geoff Peveto (president, American Poster Institute).

Designed by Rumors (Brooklyn, NY).

Over 60 editorial contributors, including: Aesthetic Apparatus, Craig Finn (the Hold Steady), John Foster (author, Masters of Poster Design), Clay Hayes (gigposters.com), Jeff Kleinsmith (Patent Pending), Jay Ryan (the Bird Machine), and Paula Scher (Pentagram).

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Flightpattern is a PaleBird Production