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Crappy Cat App

Your favorite drunken feline is now available in episodic downloadable form in the Crappy Cat App for iPod/ iPhone. The app is free to download which gets you “Crap-ter 1: Hot Pursuit” at no charge, with future episodes costing only $0.99, including the currently available “Crap-ter 2: My Beer”. Each episode averages around 32 pages. Crappy Cat is the creation of Trevor Van Meter, a brilliant artist and co-founder of Jamungo. Check out the brightly colored screenshots below.

Update! Review after the break

Crappy Cat is the first comic app I’ve ever downloaded, so I’m unfamiliar with how it stacks up to the ‘competition’ although I believe the app is in a class of its own. Crappy has been illustrated in a unique style that we haven’t seen him in in the past, a looser, almost ‘cell shaded’ look. The panels fly by and the action is rendered smoothly. I found myself flipping through Crap-ter 1 very quickly and before I knew it, I was moving on to Crap-ter 2, which was an easy decision to purchase for just $0.99.

“Crap-ter 1: Hot Pursuit” Is a fairly straightforward chase story that you get free when you download the app. We meet Crappy and a crow character and chase after a loose beer. A handful of creatively-worded references to male genitalia and an introspective snail bit are very funny. Upon reading I noticed that Crappy’s dialogue has the occasional loose spelling, which adds a slight lolcat element to the whole thing but is definitely not overused.

“Crap-ter 2: My Beer” continues the chase to the lost beer, but this is where we really start to get a glimpse of Crappy Cat’s past and what he TRULY is. Without spoilers, I must say that there is a lot more lurking underneath the surface than just a drunken cat.

The app is a free download and comes with some ‘bonus’ content from the start. By purchasing Crap-ter 2 you unlock more bonuses and purchasing the episode was instant and painless. Bonus content is more character art and fan art of Crappy, most of which can be found on www.crappycat.com, but the bonus content isn’t really why you should support this project. Perhaps with future releases there will be other kinds of content included.

If you are a fan of Crappy Cat or independently-released art projects in general, support this app. It is a great format and a lot of fun writing and illustration is within. Highly recommended and I can’t wait to learn more about Crappy’s past in Crap-ter 3.

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