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Shepard Fairey “America’s Favorite”

Shepard Fairey "America's Favorite"

Shepard Fairey‘s lastest print, entitled “America’s Favorite” is a great new addition to his catalog of releases. We’re particularly fond of his canvas-based textured prints. “America’s Favorite” comes in two editions, in red and silver. These prints are 18″ x 24″, editions of 400 for $50. The prints will be released today, Thursday July 8th at a random time at Obey Giant. This simple and nicely-rendered image is an homage to Ed Ruscha and his “Standard Station” series of paintings and prints (see below). Shepard’s words about this release are included after the break, along with full versions of the red and silver editions of this piece.

Shepard Fairey "America's Favorite"
“America’s Favorite” Red

Shepard Fairey "America's Favorite"
“America’s Favorite” Silver

Ed Ruscha
Inspiration for “America’s Favorite” by Ed Ruscha’s Standard Oil paintings.

Words from Shepard Fairey about this release:
I have been an environmental advocate and supporter of clean energy and conservation for many years, leading me to make several art pieces dealing with these topics as well. In my “May Day” show I wanted to address current issues and also celebrate some of my favorite artists, musicians, and activists from the past. With my flag series I was referencing Jasper Johns, other images reference Warhol and Rauschenberg. This “America’s Favorite” gas station image was created before the BP spill as a way to comment on our addiction to oil and suggest that it should be in its twilight, but also to pay tribute to artist Ed Ruscha and his beautiful “Standard Station” series of paintings and prints. There is an emotional sense of nostalgia and Americana conjured by an iconic gas station, maybe even a sense of freedom and exploration. However, we all know that nostalgia can be the enemy of progress. Oil extraction is a dead end. I was just in Portland Oregon for two weeks, and that city is proof that people can change their energy and consumption habits. Yes, there was a bit of self-righteousness to some of the environmentalism, but withstanding that, the place overall is very healthy, friendly, and conscientious. Aside from not being able to get Equal for my coffee (I’m type 1 diabetic, and sugar is bad for me) I did not find my lifestyle at all compromised by Portland’s environmentalism. In the wake of the BP spill the “America’s Favorite” gas station image is even more relevant. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this print to an environmental/clean energy charity. I am researching and have not decided which one yet. I will also be releasing a couple prints inspired by the Gulf of Mexico spill and will be donating to charities helping with the cleanup there. Look out for those in coming weeks. If you don’t know Ed Ruscha’s work check it out. www.edruscha.com

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