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Morphine Hawk – John Dyer Baizley

Morphine Hawk

John Dyer Baizley’s latest screenprint for his band, Baroness, will be available at the Burlesque Online Store Thursday, June 10 at 2:00 PM Central Time. This is an 18″x24″ 4 color screenprint on French paper in an edition of 200. The price is only $35 shipped to US, $40 shipped internationally. They only have a handful of these available to sell on their store so get your clicker finger ready!

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Jim Tierney Does Jules Verne

Faceout Books showcases beautiful book covers. One obvious beauty is from Jim Tierney who adores several Jules Verne books by engaging the reader before narrative has a chance.

You can look a little deeper into the process including some preliminary drawings at Faceout Books Jim Tearney feature.

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What Once Was – Dan McCarthy

What Once Was 2

Dan McCarthy has released a new, 4 color, screen print full of detail and mystery! It features the bones of an old triceratops buried deep underground, but turn out the lights and the dinosaur comes to life! The print is
16 “X 24” and can be purchased here.
Full images after break.

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New Posters by The Small Stakes

The Small Stakes

“LCD Soundsystem” and “She & Him”

Jason Munn aka The Small Stakes has created a whole batch of new posters for your enjoyment. Extremely affordable, minimalist, beautiful, and witty as always. Six new posters have been posted and are purchasable here.


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New prints available at Methane Studios

Methane Studios

Methane Studios makes some pretty snazzy gigposters and art prints. They just released a bunch of new items like pictured above in their webstore. All of the prints are silkscreens in very low editions and very reasonably priced. Get some!

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Gallery 1988 “Another Dimension” Group Exhibition


Gallery 1988 is a really cool place that likes to hold themed art shows, and they’re always fun. These group shows manage to feature works by some of the hottest names working today, and this show looks like it has the potential to be great. “Another Dimension” is the Twlight Zone-themed art show featuring over 50 artists, opening May 20th at 7PM at Gallery 1988 LosAngeles. While no official preview images are available to view (we’ll post more if it is made public), you can let your imagination do the work for now. Read the full list of artists on the show card here.

UPDATE: A web preview of the artwork in this show has been posted. Enjoy here!

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These Are Things

These Are Things

These Are Things are a designer duo from Columbus, Ohio that make some really nifty silkscreened maps. It appears that the first edition of each design is limited to 100, while the 2nd editions are open.

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The Sketchbook Project, 2011

It’s like a concert tour but with sketchbooks.

We’re not even halfway through 2010, but you might want to start thinking about 2011 a bit. At least, if you are interested in participating in The Sketchbook Project, 2011.

Organized by Art House Co-op, a group that seeks to create large art projects that tie hundreds to thousands of artists together, the newest incarnation of their Sketchbook Project for 2011 is possibly the most ambitious attempt yet. Unlike other sketchbook sharing and interactive projects, this one gives each artist their own book to work with, rather than depending on artists to share and ship books among themselves.

Which, honestly? Is probably a good thing. Each person is responsible for their own destiny and whatnot. It’s pretty sensible. (more…)

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Tone Ink

Tone Ink

We’d like to introduce our newest sponsor Tone Ink. Tone Ink is a graphic design / silkscreen studio that creates some really nifty gigposters and art prints. Their brand new website has a nice selection of affordable goods available. Be sure to check them out and get on their mailing list for updates! Thanks Tone Ink for supporting FlightPattern!

If you would like to join Tone Ink in support of this website, check out how to advertise with us here.

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Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume 1

To browse the book using the flash app above, click the arrows to either side to flip pages, click the book to go fullscreen.

Behold Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume 1, the physical documentation of Flatstock, the gigposter show that is held worldwide at various music festivals. Volume One represents Flatstock 1-20 with introductions and various articles written by artists represented in the book. Rock Paper Show is a 312 page hardcover book featuring 566 color images of poster designs by some of the greatest artists working today. You can currently PREORDER the book in the standard hardcover version, or the deluxe version which comes with a BUNCH of extra goodies to justify the price. The site claims preorders will be shipping early May, which is right around now.

You can get a lot more information about this release at the Rock Paper Show’s official website.

Thanks to Strawberryluna for submitting this to us! More about the book after the break (more…)

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