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Mark Weaver “North American Wildlife Series”

Mark Weaver is a brilliant illustrator / graphic designer who has just released 3 new silkscreen prints. The “North American Wildlife Series” consists of three 18″x18″, 5 color silkscreen prints in editions of 100 which are also letterpressed, signed, numbered, and stamped.

You can buy each individually for $60 ea. or the set of three for a $30 discount. Above you can see the Elk and American Bison prints. Check below the break to see the Bighorn Sheep print and a closeup of the letterpressed title on each print. (more…)

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New Gigposters from Methane Studios

Methane Studios

Methane Studios creates some of the most handsome gigposters around and their latest batch is no exception. Most of the prints run around 3 colors and $20-25 although there are some exceptions. All prints are signed and numbered. Visit Methane Studios to see what is available. More below. (more…)

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Kevin Tong “Mechanical Dreams” Solo Show

Kevin Tong "Mechanical Dreams" Solo Show

Kevin Tong is an illustrator who has consistently impressed me with each consecutive release. Tomorrow, August 14th, he has his first solo show opening at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA. Tong will have several new art prints and t-shirts available for purchase at the show. You can read Kevin Tong’s words about his first solo show here at his blog, and the official press release by Phone Booth Gallery here.

For those of us who can’t make it out, we’ll keep an eye on the artist’s blog for release information on works from the show which can be seen above and below. Make sure to check out the video after the break which shows some behind the scenes footage of Tong working on his creations. You’ll see he combines physical drawing with computer based illustration. Very inspiring! (more…)

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Shepard Fairey “Obey Megaphone Print”

Shepard Fairey "Obey Megaphone Print"

Shepard Fairey’s latest print is a callback to his earlier work in graphic style and text-heaviness. This print is being released as a smaller edition of 230, costs $45 and is available today at obeygiant at a random time.

From the artist:
“I’m producing this Obey Megaphone poster primarily to use in outdoor installations, but I decided to release a smaller signed edition after receiving several requests when the image was first seen in my NYC “May Day” mural. Free speech needs to be celebrated and exercised as a cornerstone of true participation in democracy. I think using your voice goes hand in hand with casting your vote. People with the courage to express a view that was unpopular have encouraged others to speak their minds and turned political tides. Don’t underestimate your power to make a difference. Edition of 230.


View the larger full image below (more…)

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New releases from Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger "The Will Take It Back" Solo Exhibition

As mentioned in the previous post, Daniel Danger has some new items available for purchase online. Five new silkscreen prints all $100 or less, and an extremely limited resin figure limited to only 20 pieces. Photos, linkage, pricing and edition information is below.

There are also several older silkscreens from the April 2009 show with Dan McCarthy available at Gallery 1988 which you can see here. Work below is from the current show “They Will Take It Back” (more…)

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Daniel Danger “They Will Take It Back” Solo Exhibition

Daniel Danger "They Will Take It Back" Solo Exhibition

Daniel Danger has a new show entitled “They Will Take It Back” which opens tonght, August 5th at Gallery 1988 in LosAngeles. Luckily for those of us who cannot make it, you can see a lot of the work from the show online below. The full show preview can be found at the Gallery 1988 website, where you can pick up original works if you have the means.

For those interested in the prints made available from this show soon when information on their release is made public tomorrow.

It is clear that Daniel has perfected his aesthetic and produced an impressive show. Lots of stunning new work after the break (more…)

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Dan McCarthy “As The World Turns”

Dan McCarthy "As The World Turns"

Dan McCarthy is back with another art print entitled “As The World Turns”. This 4 color silksreen glows in the dark and has a design that references the way the stars move across the sky in long-exposure night photography.

This print measures 14.5″ x 24.5″ and is only $40 shipped to the U.S. and $45 shipped internationally at Dan McCarthy’s Website.

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Doublenaut 5 Dollar Sale

Five, five dollar, five dollar silkscreeeeeen.  Doublenaut has marked down several silkscreened items in their store to only $5 Canadian.  Check it out and grab something while it’s still available!

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Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver is an illustrator and designer who has done some pretty impressive work. His latest cover for How To Destory Angels new (free – download here) ep caught my eye and prompted a google search to discover his portfolio. Especially cool is browsing through his Make Something Cool Every Day project, where Mark challenged himself to do exactly that.

Weaver has several screenprints available in his webstore, although some of my favorite offerings of his are currently sold out. You can also pick up some screenprinted postcards that just might be too cool to actually send.More images after break. (more…)

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Shepard Fairey “America’s Favorite”

Shepard Fairey "America's Favorite"

Shepard Fairey‘s lastest print, entitled “America’s Favorite” is a great new addition to his catalog of releases. We’re particularly fond of his canvas-based textured prints. “America’s Favorite” comes in two editions, in red and silver. These prints are 18″ x 24″, editions of 400 for $50. The prints will be released today, Thursday July 8th at a random time at Obey Giant. This simple and nicely-rendered image is an homage to Ed Ruscha and his “Standard Station” series of paintings and prints (see below). Shepard’s words about this release are included after the break, along with full versions of the red and silver editions of this piece. (more…)

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