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The Gloaming

The Gloaming Animated Short - FlightPattern

Take a look at this fantastic animated short “The Gloaming”. Video Below (more…)

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Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons

Apologies for the recent absence. I had to take some personal time to welcome my first born into the world. While I was busy getting work caught up, I stumbled upon this great illustrator, Matthew Lyons. Check out his work below and at his website! Fantastic use of color and geometric shapes. (more…)

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This thing is pretty awesome. “JARED CONNOR X FERG SQUADT GOHST PRINT” is a single color (silver) silkscreen print on black paper. ┬áThe print measures 15″x25″ and is an edition of only 60. Pick one up for $45 shipped domestically (USA). International shipping add $20. Visit the Collect And Destroy Storehouse to view the entire print.

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Movie Barcodes

Movie Barcode

Can you guess what movie is represented above? The answer is the Wachowski’s colorful “Speed Racer” from 2008. MovieBarCode is an anonymous blog where the webmaster takes an entire film’s reel and compresses and stretches it to create a single frame of streaks of color which represent an entire film’s color tones at one glance. It is very interesting looking at the barcodes of movies you know well and some really stand out from the others. Visit Movie Bar Code to see more.

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Death Cab For Cutie’s “Home Is A Fire” featuring Shepard Fairey

Death Cab For Cutie "Home Is A Fire"

Shepard Fairey is featured in the music video for Death Cab For Cutie’s newest music video for the song “Home Is A Fire”. This video features wheatpasted lyrics and shots of the city of Los Angeles with the occasional shot of Fairey at work in his shop and in the streets. Enjoy the video below and below that, Shepard’s statement on the project. Death Cab For Cutie’s album Codes And Keys, will be available May 31, 2011. (more…)

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Kanye West, George Condo, m/m (paris) Collector’s Silk Scarves

Kanye West, George Condo, m/m (paris) Collector's Silk Scarves

Kanye West commishioned painter George Condo to create artworks for his latest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. The paintings have been turned into luxurious limited edition silk scarves by m/m (paris) and are available for purchase as of Monday, May 9th. The five scarves are each editions of 100 pieces and cost 250 euros each. More information is in this press release PDF File from m/m and the scarves will be available at mmparis.com. Check out the beautiful, brightly colored scarves below. (more…)

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Vannen Art Watches “Tempus” by Godmachine

Vannen Art Watches "Tempus" by Godmachine

Vannen Art Watches has produced their most metal watch design to date featuring the work of Godmachine. This watch also features a unique transparent print on the face. An edition of 150 pieces, with 10 as a special silver colorway. The watch runs $85 and is available at Vannen Art Watches. More images below. (more…)

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Jay Ryan “Trouble” at Rotofugi Gallery

Jay Ryan at Rotofugi

Jay Ryan‘s newest show “Trouble” at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago is a collection of his most emotional work yet. View much of the show preview below. Many of the paintings in the show are available for purchase by going here.

For those in the Chicago area, the show’s opening reception & signing is Friday, April 22, 2011, 7-10PM with Jay in attendance. Music by DJ Carrie Weston, Sodas by Goose Island and Snacks by Fritz Pastry. (more…)

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Oren Lavie “Her Morning Elegance” Gallery

Oren Lavie "Her Morning Elegance"

This stop-motion music video for Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance” was the inspiration for several Amazon Kindle commercials. You can check it out below if you haven’t seen it yet. More importantly, we were informed via the SUGGESTION BOX that the “Her Morning Elegance Gallery” is offering single edition frames of the video for sale at hmegallery.com. You can watch the video below and check out the stills at the gallery’s website. Full press release included after the break. (more…)

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Playge Clear Orange Sqube

Playge Orange Sqube

Playge has released several versions of the iconic Sqube, and each version is equally as fun to look at. The latest clear orange version is no exception. It measures 4 inches cubed, and is made from ABS plastic. The clear orange Sqube is an edition of 100 pieces, costs $50 shipped and will be made available Monday April 18th at 12:00 noon central on Playge.net (more…)

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